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Linkblogging For 15/12/14

Posted in Uncategorized by Andrew Hickey on December 16, 2014

I was working til gone 10PM today, so you get links:

You’ve probably seen this, but if not, the parable of the polygons is a fun use of economics and cellular automata to put forward a social justice case. Of course, me being me, I’ve spent most of the time since I saw this finding ways in which it breaks or doesn’t match reality (for example, set everyone to 100% bigoted and you get a perfectly integrated community), but it makes its point well.

Trans people are unable to register to vote without providing their deadnames. This looks more like cockup than conspiracy to me, but either way it needs to be fixed.

Amazon goes to war against hyphens

The case of Neli Latson, a black autistic man who has so far spent four years in prison for, effectively, being a black autistic man.

A few months ago Virgin announced an open vacation policy for employees, and some people mocked me for saying this was a bad idea. Another company that did that found it was making employees take too little time off and become ill.

Custard creams are cheaper than couscous, but you can’t expect a fucking baroness to know that. I can vouch for this. I’m comfortably off financially now, but I remember days when a packet of custard creams was all I ate, when I was on the dole or working minimum wage.

And the Guardian questions Jack Straw over torture. Unsurprisingly, his answers are not very helpful

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Linkblogging For 12/12/14

Posted in Uncategorized by Andrew Hickey on December 13, 2014

As you might be able to tell from recent posts, I’m suffering from exhaustion, which is causing stress headaches and random bursts of crying, hence the few days off from posting recently. Tomorrow is an actual day off, where I don’t have to do anything at all, so I plan to get a backlog again then, but for tonight you get links.

Watch the first British science fiction film, A Message From Mars, free online (If your browser supports it — my particular combinations are the versions of Iceweasel and Chromium that come with Debian Wheezy, and I don’t have Adobe’s Flash installed but do have Gnash, and I can’t get the BFI player to work. More normal combinations probably will)

Millennium on judicial review

A zombie story
(NB, Slate Star Codex, so comments not checked and not a safe space)

TED talks are lying to you

The “Make A Dredd Sequel” campaign has made a free comic available with a couple of classic Dredd reprints

A great YouTube collection of truly horrible novelty records, including Reginald Bosanquet’s disco single, Jim Bowen doing Walk The Dinosaur, and Come Outside by the supergroup of Frank Bruno, Bruno Brookes, Samantha Fox and Liz Kershaw

Various Doctor Who-related items on BBC Radio iPlayer

And I’m sure I’ve linked this before, but the recent discussion about The Imitation Game brought it back to mind, and it’s worth linking again: Oracle by Greg Egan, one of my very favourite SF stories ever; a story that is basically about “what if Alan Turing had lived and had an argument about the nature of the soul with C.S. Lewis?”

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Linkblogging For 06/12/14

Posted in Uncategorized by Andrew Hickey on December 6, 2014

Two Batman posts will be up tomorrow for Patreons, and the introduction will be up on Mindless Ones, but I have too much of a headache today to get them up, so you get links.

The open-plan office trap

On the lack of cultural estrangement in SF

Nick Barlow is looking for Lib Dems who support the idea of a basic income. I’m one of them.

Millennium on the autumn statement

The Gender Recognition Panel is now engaging in human rights abuses

I was surprised to find out (via Jonathan Calder) that Lancet Psychiatry had a piece about The Box Of Delights — until I saw it was by Simon Guerrier, and then it made sense.

Dave Ex Machina has a proposal for a post-racial America

Richard III’s mtDNA and Y chromosomes

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Linkblogging For 25/11/14

Posted in Uncategorized by Andrew Hickey on November 26, 2014

I was going to get a California Dreaming post up tonight, and had a chunk of it written, but made the mistake of going online to check a fact, and that meant I saw some stuff in the news, and I ended up literally weeping for humanity, so you get links while I recover my mental health…

If we had enough housing and better wages, immigration wouldn’t be our top concern. Tim Farron talks sense.

Lembit Opik fails to beat the Liberal Democrats

Zoe O’Connell is worried that the new IP matching measures are essentially just the communications data bill under another name

Two things that my fellow Mindless Ones have done — Dan White has collected all his Cindy & Biscuit comics into one collection, which you can buy here. It’s the comic of the year, without question (yes, even better than that one). Meanwhile Illogical Volume has started posting previews of his book on The Filth, coming out next year.

What Wikipedia Taught Me About My Grandfather

Have We Reached Peak Flag?

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Linkblogging For 22/11/14

Posted in Uncategorized by Andrew Hickey on November 23, 2014

Sorry for doing two linkblogs in relatively quick succession, but I haven’t had time to write anything today as Plok is visiting Manchester. Proper post tomorrow.

The Privilege Denier’s Diversity Monitoring Form

Todd Klein has done a seven-part history of the transition from hand lettering to digital lettering in comics. It starts here.

Freedom of speech and the right to protest

Chris Hemsworth: Sexiest Man Alive — a rather creepy little horror story based on a magazine headline

and Mike Love is going to release an autobiography in 2016

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