Linkblogging For 16/05/15

Posting will be intermittent here for a couple more weeks. I’ve been a little blocked for the last month or so (yes, I know, I wrote a ten thousand word ebook in three days last week — I expected to write that in one day, and would have done had I been at full writing ability). The election result has made that ten times worse.
I’m trying a new method of getting round writer’s block, which involves restricting the amount of time every day you write, so if it works there’ll be fewer posts at first but it should lead me to writing more in the longer term.
In the meantime, links (and I’ll try at least to post links every day):
I’m not the only one who’s been writing a lot on Mindless Ones at the moment — the posts on Mad Men are worth reading even if, like me, you don’t watch the show.
Millennium on the election and where we go next (NB there have been a LOT of posts from Lib Dems and fellow travellers on this, many very good, but most don’t need to be shared any further right now. There’s a real danger at the moment of searching for scapegoats — it seems that Nick Clegg has been nominated by many, and while I never had much time for him as a leader and think he bears a great deal of responsibility, I also think that spending the next five years pouring vitriol on 12.5% of our parliamentary party may not be the best way to rebuild — so I’m trying, as much as my naturally mouthy nature will let me, to be quiet).
Tom Ewing on Tintin and anti-semitism
Feminist Aspie says “Yes, you do mean me”
And Andrew Rilstone on Star Wars, Watsonism, and Doylism

Linkblogging for 24/04/15

Sorry for the lack of posts the last couple of days; my insomnia has been particularly bad, and I had to do two hustings this week, on Wednesday and yesterday, as part of the election campaign. I don’t like public speaking, it’s not my political strength, and it used all my brain power for the week.
I hope to get an early night tonight and then write up a backlog of posts this weekend, so those of you who are missing my Cal Dreaming, Cerebus, or Batposts, or wondering what happened to the Heinlein and Pratchett reading guides (Sid & Doris Bonkers), will be pleased. I also want, probably tomorrow, to post something about how the Lib Dems deal with coalition-forming, because everything I’ve seen from supposed professional journalists has been at best a misunderstanding and at worst outright lying. Between life stuff and the Rabid Puppy fiasco, I’m about a month behind where I wanted to be with blog posts — I still need to review The King In Yellow, The Locksley Exploit, and Liberating Earth on here as well.
But right now, you get links, as I’m too sick with exhaustion to write:

An Amnesty petition to stop the drownings in the Mediterranean

Jonn Elledge on what he wants politicians to say
. Warning to some: this is on a New Statesman-affiliated site, but it’s not actually on the New Transphobe itself for those boycotting.
An oral history of the making of Airplane!
On autism, the Big Bang Theory, context, labels, and responsibility
Andrew Rilstone has released a short ebook about Winnie The Pooh for his Patreon subscribers. He’s also reviewed the Superman vs Batman trailer.
I’m sure you’ve already seen a link to Phil Sandifer’s 13000 word piece on the Rabid Puppies, but if not, here it is.
And speaking of the Rabid Puppies, here’s Charles Stross on hippo arse leeches

Linkblogging for 11/4/15

Now that things are more or less back to normal round here, and I don’t have about 500000 Redditors all saying “I think you’ll find…” at me (and incidentally, this blog was *also* found this week by the people at the small penis Reddit; the fact that those people were infinitely more secure in themselves says a lot about what really does and doesn’t cause insecurity) I can start posting again. There’ll be proper posts tomorrow and for the few days after, but for now you can have links.

Abigail Nussbaum on power, race, the Hugos, and Benjanun Sriduangkaew

Graph theory for kids

Autistic and queer: coming out on the spectrum

It’s Easter, and that means that it’s time for Cavalorn to knock yet more Eostre myths on their heads.

Andrew Rilstone on sequels, fairy tales, and Star Wars

Feminist Aspie gives an Autism Acceptance 101

James Graham on his ambivalence about the Lib Dems — I am a lot more positive about the party than James is, but I think for someone disillusioned by the party he’s very fair.

Alex Wilcock rewrites The Red Flag in light of Labour’s anti-immigrant mugs

Millennium on why Miliband shouldn’t be allowed to claim credit for Syria

Linkblogging For 25/3/15

No new blog post today — my CPAP machine leaked last night, and I was so unwell I had to come home from work at lunchtime and spend most of the afternoon in bed — so you get links.

Brian Wilson is touring the UK with fellow Beach Boys Al Jardine and Blondie Chaplin in September, in what may well be his last ever tour (sadly in arena venues with support, rather than his normal theatre venues with no support acts). Presale tickets are here (I’m going to Manchester, Liverpool, and Leeds).

If the Lib Dems are in government after the election, British embassies will be given the power to perform same-sex marriages abroad, even if one partner is not a British subject.
Great work there from Lynne Featherstone and Tim Farron, two of my favourite Lib Dem MPs.

Andrew Rilstone pays tribute to Leonard Nimoy

Sarah Brown’s way of dealing with annoying people on Twitter is fantastic

On Bede, Pagan Kings, Rival Churches, and the Great Anglo-British Miracle-Off

How porn and lust have changed since the 70s — an interview with the (female) former editor of several porn magazines. Not safe for work, obviously. (Link was through a Facebook friend who currently works for one, and says her experience of the men who write in is similar).

Jon Hunt on why the Archies matter

“I gave my child autism”

And a prosecutor who sent an innocent man to death row apologises and calls for an end to the death penalty

Linkblogging For 19/3/15

I’ll have a proper post tomorrow (Batpost), but I’ve spent the time I would normally have spent blogging today and yesterday sorting out a new theme for this blog (the old one was long-unsupported), tidying up some (though nowhere near all) of the tags, and other routine maintenance type stuff. So links.

The trailer for Brian Wilson’s live PBS special that airs in a couple of weeks. The songs from the new album sound rather better in a live setting with Brian’s band than they do in the studio recordings, but I’m still not hugely enthusiastic about them. Hoping the stuff I *haven’t* heard from the album is better. But this special should be good.

Jack Graham on anti-Stratfordianism

Alex Wilcock lists fifty things he loves about Britain. I agree with at least forty-five or so.

Rachel Reeves, the failure of imagination, and the future of work

I can text you a pile of poo, but I can’t write my name

Clitoral piercings are probably not illegal

Sarah Brown’s speech to Lib Dem Conference calling for an end to trans conversion “therapy”

Feminist Aspie explains why functioning labels are bad

Linkblogging For 13/4/15

Italian scientists have recreated the DNA of the fascist warrior-poet D’Annunzio from a 99-year-old semen stain they found.

Eliezer Yudkowsky’s blog posts from 2006-2009 have been collected as a pay-what-you-want ebook
. I think a lot of Yudkowsky’s stuff is wrong, and some of it dangerously so, and LessWrong seemed, last I looked, to have turned into a weird sewer of “Red Pill” men’s rights types (and it’s apparently getting ever more culty). But at the same time, a good proportion of Yudkowsky’s writing is genuinely clever — he’s maybe almost 10% as clever as he thinks — and if nothing else his writing makes you think. Certainly worth sticking a few quid in if you’re the kind of person, like me, who gets as stimulated by reading interestingly wrong people as by reading people getting things right.

A long interview with Stewart Lee. I will be disappointed forever that the planned TV show with Alan Moore never happened.

Jo Walton on Terry Pratchett

A good post on neoreaction, platonism, and transphobia.

The RPG version of Charles Stross’ Laundry is currently in a cheap bundle offer as DRM-free PDFs, with 10% going to the EFF

Stross has also written a piece about Pratchett

Linkblogging For 06/03/15

I had some important napping to do today after work, so you get links. Batposts and Cal Dreaming posts over the weekend though…

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation has looked at the numbers around basic income, and it looks doable to me…

Alex Wilcock’s best and worst election moments

You can’t make online voting secure just by wishing it so

A font that won’t allow you to type in bullshytt

What does an asylum seeker have to do to prove their sexuality?

A look at the business of soundalike recordings

A guide to “satire” sites that actually just lie