Linkblogging For 19/11/15

Proper post tomorrow, but I’ve been absolutely exhausted over the last few days. So here are some linky things instead.

The first ever adaptation of 1984 — a radio version starring David Niven

The original, Borges-approved, translation of The Garden Of Forking Paths (his best collection of short stories) which went out of print after Borges’ widow commissioned a new translation with different royalty rates, is available as a PDF here

James Graham on extremism, the Paris attacks, and Star Wars

My friend Miriam, who doesn’t know or like 60s LA music very much, was interested in some of my posts about it anyway, and so on Saturday she is going to try livetweeting her reactions to the full four-hour mix of all the music I talk about in California Dreaming. She’ll be tweeting as Mimbletron, and the mixcloud mix is here

Britain’s got a Lib Dem sized hole in its heart

And Slate Star Codex has hardball questions for the next Republican debate (usual SSC comments warning probably applies)

Linkblogging for 2/11/15

I was going to post a review of 2001 (yes, the Kubrick one. Yes, I have a reason) today, but my open tabs have reached a critical mass, so I’m going to dump them on you all and do the proper post tomorrow.

The “set point” hypothesis of weight has long been put forward by fat-positive people, but no-one’s ever had a mechanism to explain it. This study suggests one. (Warning — contains description of animal experiments)

The Northern Caves is a rather good short-novel-length serialised story by “Nostalgebraist”. It has its flaws, but some of the people who liked some of the stuff I did in Head of State with character might like it. It’s definitely Gray Tradition stuff…

People who talk about how “uploading” would be easy know nothing of the human brain, apparently. I was already convinced it’d be almost intractable based on my own experience of emulators and virtualisation, and I’m not surprised it’d be even more difficult from the other end.

Why not apply to be a member of the house of Lords?

Why Wellness isn’t the answer to overwork

Tim Farron accuses Government of cutting support to refugees

Creative Commons-licensed stock photos of women of colour in tech jobs

John C. Wright is a whey-faced coxcomb

Paul Magrs’ random Doctor Who story generator

What software is made of

And finally, here’s the greatest mash-up of all time:

Linkblogging for 24/10/15

The gay porn film written by John Gielgud. I assume that the line about it starring “Nigel Havers, Julian Clary, Barry Cryer” is a joke…
A fascinating, if rambling, piece about giftedness, female socialising, responsibility, and monetising writing.
An index of women in experimental music
Mark Evanier has an obituary for Murphy Anderson, the great Silver Age comic inker
A new 4-CD box set of Arthur Lee live recordings is coming out soon
And Leonard Pierce on critics making lists

Linkblogging For 22/10/15

Just links today, as I’m feeling very ill (had to leave work at lunchtime, which never normally happens)

Myths Retold on courtly love and Nice Guys. A Nice Guy shows up in the comments, too…

Ten downsides kids with autism get from bullying

A fun story on Slate Star Codex, based around the blue-eyed islander problem. As always with SSC, I haven’t read the comments, so they could contain monsters.

Labour’s headbangers: rebels without a cause

The women’s equality party: a surveillance state in the name of liberal feminism

Grant Morrison on the DC multiverse

And the Lib Dems in the Lords are to table a motion to stop the tax credit cuts (Labour are also putting forward a motion to make the cuts a little bit nicer but not stop them — the Lib Dems will support that if the Lib Dem motion fails)

Linkblogging For 11/10/15

OK, so I’ve had a week off after completing California Dreaming — the paper formatting will take another week or so, but the book itself is done and all backers should have an ebook copy at the moment — and so I’m planning to get back to blogging every (or at least most) day(s). Proper writing (and podcasting) will resume tomorrow, but for now, links:

Slate Star Codex on people wrongly applying economics to psychiatry ETA I normally warn about the comments on Slate Star Codex and forgot to this time, but I am reliably informed that the comments on this article are toxic even by the normal standards there. A friend on Twitter says “That SlateStarCodex was excellent… And then the second comment was raving antisemitism, the next combined MRA logic with stereotyping autistic men as undateable with a touch of transphobia mixed in. And then I gave up. Not blaming you for linking – you’ve warned about SSC’s comments before just boggling at the intensity of the bullshit.”
So if you’ve not seen my warnings before, DO NOT READ THE COMMENTS ON SLATE STAR CODEX if you are likely to take offence at… well, basically, at anything at all…

Don’t blame mass shootings on mental illness

Johnny Echols of Love is touring the UK next year, with Baby Lemonade (the band that backed Arthur Lee on his last few tours)

Congratulations to my friend Annie Wallace (who many Beach Boys fans will know well) for becoming the first out trans actor to play a trans character in a UK soap opera.

Tim Farron challenges Labour and SNP to back immigration bill amendment

Momentum and the future of political parties

Masculinity is an anxiety disorder: breaking down the nerd box

A very nice review of my Multiversity ebook

Read the comic adaptation of Illuminatus! online

The revolting left

On empathy, autism, and criticism

Proper post tomorrow

Linkblogging For 7/8/15

Sorry for the lack of new posts this week — I’ve been rather worried about my health, and unwell. I’m planning to write all weekend and get a few days ahead for a change…

For now, have some links:

We can’t have nice things, unless we make sure some people have nicer things

Why diets don’t work

The bestseller that didn’t exist

Andrew Rilstone on John C Wright

Fandom Lenses reviews a Monkees show

Dialectics and the third Doctor

Have a free 130-page 2000AD comic

Head is on YouTube with the commentary track by the Monkees

Linkblogging For 24/7/15

Apologies for having a couple of days off from blogging — I was at a funeral on Wednesday and that left me so drained I ended up going to bed at 6:30PM yesterday. I have two blog posts 90% done each — a Batpost, which will go up as soon as I get up in the morning, and a Caldream post, which will be up on Sunday — so if I can get some writing done tomorrow I’ll actually have a backlog. But for now, links.

How Democracy Works, by Andrew Rilstone

Peter Watts on the networked-cyborg-rat-brains paper

Another of Jack Graham’s pieces of Doctor Who fanfic featuring a female Doctor

Animals that might go extinct if no-one eats them

Tim O’Neill does Go Set A Watchman as Ayn Rand

And Why you don’t need two-factor authentication