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Linkblogging For 31/1/15

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Linkblogging For 27/1/15

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Linkblogging For 21/1/15

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Linkblogging For 14/01/15

Posted in Uncategorized by Andrew Hickey on January 15, 2015

My RSI is playing up today, so I can’t type up a full blog post. There’ll probably be nothing tomorrow, either, but I’ve got an ergonomic keyboard, mouse, and wrist rest on order, so normal blogging should resume by Friday.

Meanwhile, other people occasionally write stuff on the internet too — maybe they’ve got something to say?

A good look at what we actually mean when we talk about popular SF books, with reference to the Sad Puppies, who appear to be trying the same thing again

Why the tech elite is getting behind universal basic income — this is of course a failure mode for basic income schemes, that if not properly implemented they end up being a stealth redistribution from poor to rich compared to the current system. That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t do it, just that we need to look at the fine print.

A wonderful news story from ten years ago, about some truly bad science

Trigger warning for dog lovers here, but a wonderfully upsetting reimagining of the scene from Watchmen where Rorschach becomes Rorschach, from the point of view of the dogs. As the person who I got this from, and who I forget who it is, said, try reading *this* and not realising Rorschach was a villain…

Buzzfeed interviews Simon Hughes about whether the Lib Dems would close down Snapchat — using Snapchat

Charles Stross on Cameron’s proposed encryption ban

Scarfolk on freedom of speech

Tim O’Neill looks at the “classic” Fantastic Four 285 and finds a pernicious message

And finally, Mike Love’s touring Beach Boys are doing their first proper UK tour, rather than one-off gigs, since 2008. I’d already got a ticket for the Albert Hall show on the Sunday, but I’m also going to the Manchester show. Pre-sale tickets went on sale this morning for O2 customers, regular tickets go on sale on Friday. Regular readers will know that roughly 95% of what I love about the Beach Boys comes from Brian Wilson, but I can still say that going to a Mike & Bruce indoor UK show is a very, VERY special thing, and even Brianistas like myself will get a lot out of it. Go if you can. You’ll be surprised how good it is.

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Linkblogging For 09/01/15

Posted in Uncategorized by Andrew Hickey on January 10, 2015

That mammoth Elvis post last night seems to have used up all of my words, so you get links today:

Paul Magrs rewrites the lyrics to Bowie’s Five Years as an Alan Bennett monologue. This is already quite possibly the best blog post of 2015 — Holly found it funny and touching even without knowing the song.

Danny Alexander is a bad choice to represent the Lib Dems on the economy during the election campaign

A Gamergate site was tricked into running a John Birch Society pamphlet

(Warning ConservativeHome) The history of Conservative support on electoral reform. I’m seeing a lot more of this sort of thing lately. Lot of Tories realising what a mistake they made over the AV referendum.

A new class of antibiotic, which kills antibiotic-resistant bacteria, has been discovered

Ten surprisingly effective 2PM pick-me-ups

One Direction fans will increase the population of Cardiff by 41% in June. Sorry Djangocon

A recording of Carl Sagan saying the word “billions”, stretched to last an hour

The current Humble Ebook Bundle has loads of critically-acclaimed Image Comics titles in on a pay-what-you-want basis

And finally, here’s the one single by Alf “Freddie” Lennon, John’s dad. As Tilt pointed out to me yesterday, the intro is… interesting…

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