Linkblogging For 7/8/15

Sorry for the lack of new posts this week — I’ve been rather worried about my health, and unwell. I’m planning to write all weekend and get a few days ahead for a change…

For now, have some links:

We can’t have nice things, unless we make sure some people have nicer things

Why diets don’t work

The bestseller that didn’t exist

Andrew Rilstone on John C Wright

Fandom Lenses reviews a Monkees show

Dialectics and the third Doctor

Have a free 130-page 2000AD comic

Head is on YouTube with the commentary track by the Monkees

Linkblogging For 24/7/15

Apologies for having a couple of days off from blogging — I was at a funeral on Wednesday and that left me so drained I ended up going to bed at 6:30PM yesterday. I have two blog posts 90% done each — a Batpost, which will go up as soon as I get up in the morning, and a Caldream post, which will be up on Sunday — so if I can get some writing done tomorrow I’ll actually have a backlog. But for now, links.

How Democracy Works, by Andrew Rilstone

Peter Watts on the networked-cyborg-rat-brains paper

Another of Jack Graham’s pieces of Doctor Who fanfic featuring a female Doctor

Animals that might go extinct if no-one eats them

Tim O’Neill does Go Set A Watchman as Ayn Rand

And Why you don’t need two-factor authentication

Linkblogging For 18/7/15

I’ll have this week’s podcasts done tomorrow, along with a Batpost, but tonight I’m working on the Where Are They Now? bit of California Dreaming, so you get links.

First, on that Tim Farron interview, I don’t think it’s my place to talk, but to boost the voices of LGBT people. Here’s what a few of my LGBT friends had to say last night

How one man poisoned a city’s water supply and saved millions of lives

How Clarence Thomas’ judicial opinions stem from his old radical black nationalism

A mathematical argument against “evidence-based” policy — “Put differently, knowing how effective a treatment is, does not tell us how effective any policy is, which is intended to administer that treatment in practice” “This result is peculiar, for it implies that policies such as imposing cigarette taxes cannot be informed by knowing the extent to which smoking causes cancer”

Why I support pretty much every strike

Why is there dark matter?

A look at the online services for Commodore 64s that eventually became AOL

Tom Ewing on 70s children’s comics at the dawn of Thatcherism

Slate Star Codex on why CBT may be getting less effective (standard SSC comments warning applies)

Andrew Rilstone on whether Jesus was married 1,2,3,4

The risks of mandating backdoors in encryption

Software sucks, and no-one cares

Nick Barlow explains the real splits in the Lib Dems, and why journalists always get it wrong.

Can Quantum Computing Reveal The True Meaning Behind Quantum Mechanics?

Linkblogging For 30/6/15

You *will* get the Batpost tomorrow, but this heatwave has completely messed my ability to think up, and I’m having to get up early and write in the morning before work, before everything heats up, rather than at 10PM when I normally write. I can barely breathe, in fact. So for now, links. Sorry. You’ll have proper posts every day for the rest of the week. Sorry again.

Jack Graham on Hannibal

The Atlantic on a world without work

Lady Mark absolutely destroys a proposal from Liberal Reform. I usually find myself in agreement with Joe Otten, who defends the proposal in the comments, but not this time.

What is code (in the computer sense)?

Leonard Pierce on streaming services and the impoverishment of culture

Sadly, while the US Supreme Court made some very good decisions this week, it also made some bad ones. One was reaffirming the constitutionality of the death penalty. Here are some excerpts from the dissent, showing why this was wrong on legal, as well as moral, grounds.

And finally, Head Of State is now available to buy as an ebook, as well as pre-ordering in dead tree

Linkblogging For 26/6/15

First, congratulations to the US. Still a long way to go for full LGBT+ equality, but it’s a major step.

I’ve not posted for a couple of days because I’ve been working on exclusive material for the book version of California Dreaming, which should be out next month. On top of the songs discussed here (and there are thirteen more of those to go) there’ll be entries for I Got You Babe, Once I Was, I Walk On Guilded Splinters, and Love Story (You And Me), an entry on the Monterey pop festival, a “Where are they now?” section, a bibliography and (in the print edition only) an index. Once Caldream is out, I’ll be finishing the series of essays I started on Cerebus…

I’ve also been working on a backlog of Batposts — those will start going up again from tomorrow.

But for now, while you wait for these, some links:

Claiming Tim Farron isn’t a ‘strong liberal voice’ is only possible if you don’t have a clue what liberalism is. There are many good reasons for voting for Norman Lamb over Tim (though I’m a Tim supporter myself), but Tim being illiberal is not one.

Nicholas Whyte on the new Hugo voting proposals

Why coffee pods mean Americans are drinking less coffee

Millennium versus the Home Office

A *wonderful* collection of Tom Swifties (Slate Star Codex, so I’d avoid the comments as a general principle)

Feminist Aspie on how ableism makes autistic women more likely to be abused

And a great short-short story by Peter Watts

Linkblogging For 02/06/15

I’ll be posting my review of the Beach Boys shows tomorrow — I accidentally hit “post” on an unfinished draft just a minute ago, which some of you may have seen before I hid it, but it should be about twice as long when I’ve finished it. In the meantime, have links.

Many people have written about the horrible news that Charles Kennedy has died. Alex Wilcock’s post is possibly the best, but Jennie’s is the one I found most moving, by a long way.

No, MPs are not “giving themselves a pay rise”

How *not* to do cryptography, Bitcoin style…

If Labour want to challenge the Tories, they must embrace electoral reform

A massive list of downloadable John Peel shows

Why do we fetishise work?

Penises ruin everything, even Lego

And John Wheeler’s delayed-choice experiment has been performed and went as predicted, meaning that decisions made in the future really do affect the past.

Linkblogging For 26/05/15

I’m still slogging my way through the “best” novellas of John C Wright, World’s Greatest Living Author (according to the Rabid Puppies), and I’m losing the will to live. There are only so many heavy-handed Christ analogues beating one over the head with American culture-war crap one can take, and I’m a LONG way past my limit for the day. The next couple of days I’ll be posting gig reviews (the Beach Boys and Paul McCartney) so expect the “best” novella post on Friday or Saturday.
In the meantime, have links.

Alex Wilcock’s post-election post about the Lib Dems

Charles Stross reprints an old story about Labour authoritarianism, because of Cameron’s own authoritarianism. I like Richard Gadsden’s comment, as well.

Tom Ewing on a conference about music journalism

The stages of grief: the journey to constitutional liberalism

We need to make the case for liberalism as a whole, not just a set of policies

And a blog post about extracting audio from photos of records