Linkblogging for 01/03/09

A few links for you:

At Lib Dem Voice they’re wondering if the Fuhrerprinzip is now the basis for governing Britain. For all the fuss being made about the obscene amount of money that Fred Goodwin is getting in his pension, the fact is that it’s his money paid into his pension scheme, and that this is how our current economic system works. If you don’t like the fact that a retired usurer gets more in a year than my wife would get in sixty years working full-time in her job as a nursing assistant (and, as you can imagine, I don’t like that fact one bit) then try to change the system rather than singling out scapegoats.

As some of you may know, scans_daily, a livejournal community based around posting scans of comics, was recently closed for copyright violation after the comic writer Peter David complained. Chris Bird has the best take on this. Speaking of comics, I’ve recently got a sense of ennui about comics – there’s plenty I’m reading that’s pretty good, but nothing that’s grabbing me and insisting I write about it. I’m sure that’ll change when Seaguy 2 comes along, or Morrison’s return to Batman but in the meantime do any of you (Mindless Ones? ) have any suggestions for exciting four-colour adventure with enough in it for me to sink my teeth into writing about? In the meantime, I’ll post some more on Cerebus and some other old ‘art comics’, but the genre stuff is more my forte…

Bloggingthemail here eviscerates a column from Amanda Platell in the Mail saying fat people shouldn’t be treated on the NHS. As a fat person, I think Mail columnists shouldn’t be treated by public *or* private doctors, for the good of the species, but thankfully I do not have a column with several million readers from which to propound this view. Ms Platell, alas, does…

Bryan Hibbs has seen the Watchmen film, and from the review it’s clear that this was *exactly* the film I expected them to make, except that the new ending is even stupider than I thought it would be. Seriously, if you go to see this film, you’re an idiot. It couldn’t possibly be good.

The Mindless Ones present… Teal Kryptonite!

And continuing the theme from last post, the best roundup of the Convention On Modern Liberty I’ve seen is Alix’s liveblog.

Linkblogging for 12/11/08

BFAW tonight. For some reason I’ve been permanently exhausted for the last fortnight, and writing is much harder than it normally is. Bear with me – this will pass.

Fred at Slacktivist has a good post on usury. Personally, I think he’s far too soft on it – I think lending at interest is *inherently* wrong – but he’s still talking more sense than 90+% of people…

A quite decent article from the Grauniad about class

Sean ‘not the High Llama’ O’Hagen interviews Scott Walker, also from the Guardian.

Jon Swift on Obama’s disastrous, gaffe-laden speech.

And The Factual Opinion has a look at the (apparently as awful as it sounds) DCU: Decisions miniseries.

Linkblogging for 09/10/08

Abhay reviews Jonathan Ames and Dean Haspiel’s The Alcoholic. If you’re interested in Care Bear ejaculate and how it relates to the international financial crisis, this is the comic review for you.

This is really interesting – it’s the first part of what appears to be a book-length meditation on the Jon-Benet Ramsay murder, but the thing that interests me about it is its comparison between the mindsets of North Manchester and the USA from a British ex-pat living in the US – living, as I do, in Manchester with a USian ex-pat wife, the parallels are interesting. Plus, it’s just well-written.

Alix at The People’s Republic Of Mortimer sums up my thoughts on the financial problems quite well – “Oh. So massive inflation will adversely affect the savings I don’t have, while a stupendously overdue correction in the credit market will bring crashing down the prices of houses that I currently can’t afford. Right. Gosh, that’s… awful.”
Of course, it is awful for those affected, but for those at the bottom (which until last month included myself and my wife – we’ve been lucky enough to have become marginally *more* secure in the last couple of months, which is a miracle in itself) the current problems might have an upside…

Eddie Campbell’s blog has been quite extraordinarily good recently – here’s a short piece he wrote about David Foster Wallace, and about narrative – “We take part in a greater or lesser story according to our imagination, and our mind’s ability to rise above the daily transactions of survival.”

And Amypoodle over at the Mindless Ones (part two of the interview coming soon, I promise) looks at Batman 680.

Linkblogging for 30/09/08

Debi Linton has an excellent ‘beginners guide to Barbara Gordon’.

Beer made from bacteria from insects trapped in amber millions of years ago – I love science.

More serious science here – the annotation of human proteins has been completed. This is a far bigger thing than the human genome project.

A complaint about bloatware in free software. I have to agree with this – a lot of free programs written in very high-level languages like Python are absolute memory hogs. On my last laptop, if I tried to run a web browser, comic reader, bittorrent client and MP3 player at the same time my system would practically grind to a halt (and this was using IceWM, a lightweight window manager). It’s a truism that programmer time is more expensive than machine cycles, but one advantage people always give for GNU/Linux is that it runs well on older hardware, and that’s rapidly changing.

J.H. WIlliams is posting a page a day of his Jonah Hex issue. Williams is by far the best artist working in comics today, and every page of his rewards study.

Dougas Rushkoff talks about the fundamental problems with our monetary system. I don’t know enough about economics to know if I agree with his analysis, but it smells right.

And the Silent 73 have our first mission

Linkblogging for 23/09/08

Just a quick one today, but hopefully I’ll have something longer for tomorrow:

Chris Bird continues “Exploring Hollywood” with a look at how “My Best Friend’s Girl” must have been created.

Fred Clark points out that giving someone $700 billion without any restrictions on how he spends it is not strictly advisable.

Bobsy at the Mindless Ones wants to hunt down Jason Todd’s killer

Leonard Pierce is also not entirely happy about the US government giving seven hundred billion dollars to the greedy rich usurers who caused the economic crisis without so much as asking what they’ll do to stop it happening again. I can’t say I disagree…

And someone on Liberal Conspiracy finally questions the ‘we must save Labour from itself’ thing they’ve got going over there and asks what Labour has got to offer us

Linkblogging for 20/09/09

Most of these are from a while ago, as I’m still ploughing through a huge backlog of Stuff To Read…

Mark Steel thinks that bankers should bail themselves out. Quite right too.

Jon Morris, Marc Singer and Jog all have better reviews of All-Star Superman 12 than mine.

Pillock talks about reading and synaesthesia and other good stuff.

Go here if you’re USian to see how much your taxes would fall in an Obama presidency, despite McCain’s claims that Obama wants to raise everyone’s taxes…

Jog also has a very thoughtful review of The Boys which pretty much sums up my thoughts on it.

Fred Clark finally finishes his four-year-plus look at the first volume of Left Behind – only another ten or so books to go…

And a list of ‘things I like‘ on a powerpop blog I read, almost all of which are things I like as well.