Female Authors I Should Read?

Does anyone have any recommendations for female writers I should read?
This seems an odd question, perhaps, but I’d guess that less than five percent of the books I own are written by women, and I really need to change that. I’m not consciously discriminating against female authors, but I must be doing so unconsciously, and that’s a bad thing both for me and for those writers I’m ignoring.

Partly, that’s because of the type of stuff I read. Recently, I’ve mostly been reading books about science, early 20th century political essays, stuff tangentially related to Doctor Who, and hard science fiction, none of which are fields that are especially dominated by women.

As a guide to what I’m currently reading, I’m currently in the middle of eight different books, some of them books I’ve read many times before:
Ahistory by Lance Parkin
Some Remarks by Neal Stephenson
Newtons Sleep by Daniel O’Mahony
The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes
The Clicking Of Cuthbert by P.G. Wodehouse
Utopia Of Usurpers by G.K. Chesterton
Causality: Models, Reasoning And Inference by Judea Pearl
and a collection of Greg Egan short stories

These are all, in their own different ways, very ‘masculine’ books, but they’re the kind of books I like. Does anyone have any suggestions as to books by women that might be to my taste? I tend to read for ideas first, prose style and plot second, and character development very, very far down the list…