Blog Tour?

This will sound both daft and egocentric in the extreme, but would anyone like to interview me?

I’ll explain.

I’m hoping to get the Seven Soldiers book finished this weekend, and get it published within a week or so of that. This book has taken an utterly ludicrous amount of work on my part, and I’d like it to have an audience, but it won’t have one. It’s a book about a six-year-old superhero comic, except it goes whole chapters barely mentioning the comic and talking about 17th century theologians or thermodynamics. This is not something that’s going to leap off the shelves.

But I think there are a small number of people who would *really* like it, and they’re the people I’ve been writing it for. I want them to be able to find it.

One of the ways all the people who write books on “How To Sell A Million Ebooks On How To Sell A Million Ebooks” say you should do is to do a ‘blog tour’ – go around a bunch of different blogs and do guest posts, and I think that might work. I think some of my friends might well have friends who would be interested in this book (or even my previous ones).

So what I’m thinking is, if people want to, I could answer a bunch of interview questions for different blogs and the interviews could be posted to coincide with the book coming out. Would anyone be interested in doing this?