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I’ve written five books and some short fiction so far, with more to come. All ebook versions of my books are DRM-free.

The Beatles In Mono
Beatles In Mono cover In The Beatles In Mono, Andrew Hickey examines, track by track, the Beatles’ work as it was originally created, in mono. Going through the 2009 The Beatles In Mono box set, he looks at the band’s influences, their musical techniques, and the progression of their career from Love Me Do through to Get Back. As a bonus, this edition also contains appendices giving brief overviews of the stereo-only material the band recorded, as well as ‘non-canon’ albums like the Anthology series, Live At The BBC and Liverpool Sound Collage. A splendid time is guaranteed for all!

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Sci-Ence! Justice Leak!

Cover to Sci-Ence! Justice Leak!What do Batman, Doctor Who, quantum physics, Oscar Wilde, liberalism, the second law of thermodynamics, Harry Potter fanfic, postmodernism, and Superman have in common? If your answer to that was “Nothing” then… well, you’re probably right. But in this book Andrew Hickey will try to convince you otherwise. In doing so he’ll take you through:

How to escape from a black hole and when you might not want to
The scientist who thinks he’s proved the existence of heaven and what that has to do with Batman
What to do if you discover you’re a comic-book character
Whether killing your own grandfather is really a bad idea
And how to escape from The Life Trap!

An examination of the comics of Grant Morrison, Alan Moore and Jack Kirby, Doctor Who spin-off media, and how we tell stories to each other, Sci-Ence! Justice Leak! tells you to look around you and say:

“This is an imaginary universe… Aren’t they all?”

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The Beach Boys On CD, Vol 1: The 1960s
The Beach Boys On CD vol 1 cover, by Mapcase Of AnaheimBetween 1961 and 1969 the Beach Boys made nineteen albums, including some of the best music ever recorded – and some not so good.
In this book, Andrew Hickey looks at this music track by track, analysing every song that Brian, Carl, Dennis, Mike, Al, Bruce and David recorded and released during that time period.
From early surf and car classics like 409 to sophisticated masterpieces like Time To Get Alone, in this book you’ll learn how they were recorded, why they work the way they do, and which albums to buy if you want to hear a great band at their best.

Hardback Paperback PDF Kindle (US) Kindle (UK) Kindle (DE) All other ebook formats


Four Stories About The Singularity

This cover image is based on a work by David Orban for 'Singularity University', licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license, the terms of which can be found at, which means that you are free to reuse it and make alterations yourself so long as you give the original creator credit and provide a link to the terms of use.

A collection of four short stories, previously posted to this site, about the Singularity. Only available for Kindle (though you can find them for free at the ‘fiction’ link at the top of this page) for 99 cents. Available from here (UK) or here (US).



Bubble Universe What if, one day, everyone who disagreed with you was gone? We increasingly live in ‘filter bubbles’, seeing only the information we agree with, but what if that went one step further? A short science fiction story, from the author of Four Stories About The Singularity. It costs 99 cents from Amazon (UK), Amazon (US) or Smashwords



An Incomprehensible Condition: An Unauthorised Guide To Grant Morrison’s Seven SoldiersCover for An Incomprehensible Condition
In An Incomprehensible Condition, Andrew Hickey examines Grant Morrison’s 2005 comic series Seven Soldiers of Victory, and traces the history of the ideas used.

From Greek myth to hip-hop, from John Bunyan to Alan Turing, from Arius of Alexandria to Isaac Newton, we see how Frankenstein connects to Robert Johnson, what George Bernard Shaw had to say about Bulleteer, and what G.K. Chesterton thinks of I, Spider.

Paperback, Hardback, Kindle (US), Kindle (UK), other ebook formats


Monkee Music
Monkee Music cover, drawn by myself

Here they come…

In Monkee Music, Andrew Hickey, author of The Beatles In Mono and The Beach Boys On CD, examines the music of Micky, Mike, Davy and Peter from their early bubblegum pop hits with Last Train To Clarksville and I’m A Believer, through their reinvention as a self-contained band with songs like Pleasant Valley Sunday and Daydream Believer, and their psychedelic masterpiece Head, and on into their reunion albums Pool It! and Justus.

This book contains analysis of every studio track the Monkees ever released, and is a must for any Monkee Maniacs.

paperback, hardback, PDF, Kindle (US), Kindle (UK) and ePub (all DRM-free).

Doctor Watson Investigates: The Case Of The Scarlet Neckerchief
Cover to Doctor Watson Investigates
When Holmes is called away, Watson is left to assist a client with a uniquely horrible problem. Can Watson solve the mystery of the scarlet neckerchief before his client is murdered?

Doctor John H Watson was the companion and biographer of Sherlock Holmes for many decades, but here for the first time is proof of the good Doctor’s own deductive abilities.

Available for $2.99 from Smashwords, Kindle (US) and Kindle (UK)

The Shakespeare Code is a short humorous story about authorship and nobility. Who really wrote Henry IV? Did Francis Bacon really write King John? Find out… available from Smashwords, Kindle (US) or Kindle (UK) for 99 cents.

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  3. […] the Kindle store are as varied as the titles stocked. I been watching a couple of writers, Andrews Hickey and Rilstone, who’ve been selling their work through Amazon and Lulu, both as ebooks and […]

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    […] discovered that loads of other people can do that too, and better than I can — Andrew’s Grant Morrison books are like that only they’re coherent — and I find this very comforting and reassuring, […]

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