Getting Some Discipline Around Here

This blog has been becoming more chaotic recently, and I’ve started more and more projects that I haven’t finished. So I’m going to try to set myself an actual schedule, so I can complete some of these. So for at least the next few weeks this is the plan:
Cerebus Fridays – A book-by-book look at the whole of Cerebus, in the style of my An Incomprehensible Condition. I have tried this a couple of times in the past, but I think I know where I’m going with it.
Saturday MindlessWho – Who posts for the Mindless Ones, on a more sensible schedule. These may not always appear on the site on Saturdays, as there are a large number of other things that have to be posted there, some time-sensitive, but I’ll try to post a link here every Saturday.
Sunday Kinks
Wednesday Peculiar Branch – the continuing Peculiar Branch novel.

Other days will be for linkblogs, rants, etc. I may also post extra chapters of any of the above on any other day if I feel especially inspired to.

Once each of these is finished, I’ll drop in one of the other projects I want to do — How We Know What We Know, Bigger On The Outside, Time Detective and the second volume of the Beach Boys book, to start with.

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